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Another Basic Shape

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/02/07

Here’s another thought from a lesson-idea involving basic round shapes and other elements of design.

I made this one last summer.

Blossom Medallion

My intention had been to set the two circles, one inside the other, and then decorate the boundary between them.

Except, I was assembling it on a stormy evening, and the power went out. Somehow, I stuck my thumb down right inside the center circle, leaving a very neat thumbprint right on the pattern which still resulted in a rather messy look.

One thing I’ve learned (in some cases, the hard way), whenever I encounter a problem (in silver, or elsewhere in life), is that the best way to resolve an issue is often to look for a simple solution. Working and re-working can, if intended, be a fine approach. But that may not be so good when I find myself just trying to fix a problem.

In this case, when the lights came back on, I did not invest a lot of my own energy into fixing my earlier mistake. Instead, I just made the small disk that sits on top, applied it to simply cover the part I’d messed up, and added just a little bit of decoration to enhance that.

That is, rather than spend a lot of time fussing over the piece, here I just let go of my original idea, applied a simple fix, and then proceeded to make something else. I can always come back to my earlier plan some other time, at a moment when I can imagine it anew.


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