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Reducing Risk.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/02/17

On January 29th, I’d mentioned the possibility of some follow-up surgery on my eye(s). Well, it was scheduled for tomorrow. Except, I now have a nasty mid-winter cold. Not that I feel too sick to go in; that I’d’ve done just to try to finish getting this problem cleared up (pun intended…).

But a big risk with any kind of surgery is infection, and I got to wondering whether having extra-nasty bugs swarming my sinuses and trying to escape out of various facial openings might increase the risk of infection where my eyelid would again be opened up. So I called the doctor’s office and was told, “Yes, that’s a good question to ask. We don’t do procedures on sick people. We’ll reschedule you.”

In efficiency-mode, I’m glad I found that out today, rather than having wasted time, gasoline, and parking fees finding it out tomorrow.

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