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Rippled Curve (Month of Earrings #27)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/03/31

A couple of days ago, as I was looking at how quickly the end of the month was approaching, and how I had a few pieces underway but not quite ready, I got to thinking that maybe I should have a back-up plan, with a few simpler pieces, just to be sure I could have 30 done by the end of the month.

Here’s one of the three I did with that in mind:

Ripples on a Curve

Made from a texture that I’ve found to look nice with a bit of “liver of suphur” patina, trimmed along one edge using craft scissors with a ripple pattern, and dried into a curved half-ring, I decided to see how these would look with more of a “satin” finish than any of the other pieces I’d made so far this month. Liking the result, this is going in as an entry in the Month of Earrings challenge.

What happened to the other two pairs?

When I tried taking photos of them, I didn’t get any shots that I liked. With a more highly-polished surface, either I was getting either a glare from the light or, once I’d diffused that enough more, then too dark an image. I may try to capture those again later. I do have three final ones I can use for the challenge.

In my own mind at least, even though the challenge was to make 30 pairs, since March has 31 days, one will go for that. And the other will go for a sort of “Baker’s Month” (as in “baker’s dozen”) bonus.

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