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The “extra” pieces (Month of Earrings #31-32)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/10

Even though the Month of Earrings Challenge was to complete 30 pairs in a month, since there were actually 31 days in March, here’s #31, a pair of reversible domes (the other side has a random slip-trailed design):

Domed Bubbles

And, because I’m one of those people who is just a bit more comfortable with at least the start of a back-up plan, just in case, here are two views of #32, another reversible pair and (curiously) the only set I made all month that I thought needed some back-up thenselves:

Circles and Blocks (circles side) Circles and Blocks (one showing each side)

The photo on the left shows the side with circles, plus a little silver ball embellishment in the center of one set of those circles on each piece. The photo on the right shows one side, again, with the circles facing out, but the other one has been reversed to show the blocks on that side. The thing is, for some reason, in the kiln these otherwise flat disks “rippled” a bit around the edge. I’ve had pieces curve or warp on a larger scale, either during drying or firing, but I’ve not previously experienced small little rippled ruffles like these have. It is a kind of interesting look, it was just such a surprise to see it.

Although I was able to complete those earrings in March (as I’d mentioned earlier, and they are hidden in my “summary” photo with the April 1 post), I hadn’t gotten any decent individual photos of them. I tried again today, after picking up several interesting tiles (glass, ceramic, and plastic) at the Creative Reuse shop within Construction Junction.


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