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All 32 pairs, for real (Month of Earrings – Second Summary)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/12

Month of Earrings (all 32 pairs)

A few days after the end of the Month of Earrings Challenge, I was talking with another artist about combining various other materials with silver. I thought I’d quickly pull up my summary photo and point out a couple examples. Imagine my surprise when I looked at it, and couldn’t find in it my first couple of entries. Yikes! But, no crisis: I had enough other examples scattered around various places that I could use for the purpose of our conversation.

Later on, thinking back on what I’d done, I remembered that after snapping the first few, I’d promptly stashed them safely into my “get this ready to go out for sale” bin. (Each piece in there still need to be added to my inventory tracking file, noted with the location where I’ll try to sell it, have price noted, and put on a display card.) After that, since there were going to be a number completed in a short time, I’d just let the next few accumulate on the tray in my photo setup. Then I just kept adding to the tray, forgetting there were a few in the to-sell bin. When I took the photo, the space was jam-packed, so it wasn’t obvious that a few were missing. (And it took enough effort to get them to stay lined up as I was trying to light and shoot them, I didn’t actually stop to count them.) Once I realized I’d missed a few, I decided that the next time I set up to take photos, I’d have to re-shoot the “summary” collection. That’s what you see with this post. [And, though it actually took me several more tries to get it right, I did keep counting: this time, all 32 pairs are there.]

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