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This weekend: Art All Night

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/20

The wonderful celebration known as Art All Night is this weekend!!! Are you going? This year, it’s going to be held in the former Iron City Brewery on Liberty Avenue, basically between the Bloomfield and Lawrenceville neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

“Moon ‘n At”

The photo shows the piece I entered last year (2009), the first time I ever participated in the exhibit part of the event. I have this year’s entry ready, but I want to encourage you to come to Art All Night to see that one.

Both last year and the year before that, I participated in the On-Site Art activities. In 2008, about a month before the first-ever meeting of the Western PA Chapter of the PMC Guild, I was down there with finished samples, clay, greenware, and my torches: the first time I’d ever given demos of working with metal clay and I did it at a venue that attracts 10,000 people! Gutsy, or nuts-y?

The big thing I learned, on the fly, was how to give a demo via a backwards spiral. The torch and flaming binder are what draws in an audience. Once there, they want to see what has just been set alight, which is the dry greenware. Some are then interested to see the previous step, the moist clay, while others tend to be more curious about finished samples; which of those I do next therefore depends on what the audience at that point wants to see. After a bit more chatting, and a little break, I’ll fire up the torch again, set some more greenware alight, and draw in the next group.

The following year, I had colleagues: several members of our fledgling guild came along to give their own demos. That time, they put us in an area with much more light than I’d had the previous year, so the flames didn’t stand out as much. But having a crew to cavort with did. We were there from about 6 through 10 pm on the Saturday night. Our timeframe for demos this year is the same. The show itself runs from 6 pm on Saturday straight through (i.e. all night) until 2 pm on Sunday.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I hope to see you there!

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