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Preliminary Notes from Art All Night

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/25

What a wonderful weekend!

Just the center aisle of the first building.

I first started going to Art All Night as an observer, but soon added participant (in both the exhibit itself and the On-Site Art activities). This year, I think Allison (the coordinator of On-Site Art Activities) saved us the very best demonstration location in the entire site!

The venue included several integrated buildings. We were in Building 2, along with all the other on-site and hands-on activities, but set off a bit to the side. Now, there are advantages to being in the midst of all the hub-bub, but with flaming torches trying to get metal clay to sinter at 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, being off to the side is good.

But the really great parts were that we were right next to the walkway that everyone who went from Building 1 to Building 2 had to use AND we were in a dim corner, which meant that our display lights, torch flames, and burning binder caught people’s attention as they passed us.

We were busy all evening. I did manage to catch one photo of our table, taken during one of the few lulls the entire time. Ann and Mike had just left, but it shows Debbie, Lois, and Jess. A great crew: thanks to everyone!

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