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A small sample of the big range…

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/26

I suspect that all the gardening I’ve done over the years is part of the reason that one of the entries in Art All Night that I really liked was a piece called (as I remember it now, at least, several days later), The Root of Love. It’s shown here, top center. (Clicking on the photo should take you to a slightly larger version of it.)

I know that you can only get a clue to it (the main part of that “root” which I was was delightfully surprised to see had a silver-ish tone to it) but can’t see any of the lovely detail. Sorry! But I chose to snap it from this far away because I thought this angle and distance also helped to illustrate a bit about the range of the entries to this event.

As you look at this photo, do realize that the black stretch along the bottom is not a part of the infrastructure. It is, for example, not how the organizers try to keep small children out of an “adult content” section. Though I did see in it an idea of constriction, in fact it is another entry in the show. It stretched across three or four of these big panels: Can you see what it’s composed of?

I’m sorry to report that I did not note and, tired as I was by the end of it all, can no longer remember its title. One of either the title or medium emphasized that “wire” was involved. The artist did list name and age, which I remember as being a woman of about 23 or 24.

Feel free to leave a comment about either of those, or any of the other entries, shown in that snapshot.

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