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The local lingo, and other connections.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/04/30

I really have gotten back to making more adornments, myself, this week, but don’t have any new photos of that yet.

But the 2010 section of Art All Night All Year has opened up. After the event, artists who participated are invited to upload a photo and other information about their entry. Check it out for yourself if you want.

Since some entries are not replicated there, however, this post includes shots I took of several pieces that I wished I’d been able to show to particular friends who, for one reason or another, were not in attendance. (Though these images are all small, clicking on any of them should open a slightly larger version in a different window.)

This is the entry that got me into the spirit of taking photos to share with specific people. While I found this full-size image interesting (though, given the venue’s lighting, impossible to shoot without including a shadow), I include it for my "Stop & Smell the Roses" teammates specifically because of its title:

(Speaking of what was on a piece’s label, I’m sorry that none of my images of the piece called "Cranes" turned out. It’s not so much that they were silver-colored origami cranes with beaded jewels dropping down from them, no, ’twas what the artist entered for the medium: "Hope!")

This next detail, from "Button Box" is, clearly, for my button-collector friend. (Dimensions of the full piece were, oh, maybe 8 inches wide by 8 feet long? Something like that. I’m sure we’ll talk about this once you’ve seen it!)

The following image, from "Spare Bits and Pieces" is for the Wild Women whose bowling team I never joined, plus any of my colleagues from the now-defunct software company who may remember my cube-mate (remember when it was growing so fast that we had to share cubicles…) and the bits and pieces of bowling-themed polkas he sang while working (yes, mere inches away, in that shared cubicle…):

The landscape is for a certain former ‘burgher who, this week in particular, I am sure would appreciate a nice big glass of white wine:

And, last but not least, although it’d never work as a tent, this is for my camping-buddies, both here and abroad:

I wish y’all had been there! To see lots more entries (from this year and the last two too), go to the Art All Night All Year website:

And mark your calendars for April 23-24, 2011!

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