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Congratulations, Ann!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/05/16

One of the members of our local chapter of the PMC Guild was the lucky winner of an Opaque Enameling Kit from Tonya Davidson’s great Master Muses project.

So this post is to offer congratulations to Ann, with whom I often carpool to chapter meetings. But it’s also to point out that Ann is one lucky woman: she wins things!

Green Traveler (Both Sides)

Here’s an example of why I say that: on our way home from a guild meeting last fall, Ann and I passed one of the best local bead shops, Crystal Bead Bazaar. I couldn’t believe Ann when she said she had never been there, so we parked the car and went in so she could check it out. It happened to be their anniversary, they were giving away door prizes, and Ann won the one for that particular hour. I’ve been going there for years; And was there 15 minutes and won a prize, a goodie bag full of short strands of a number of different beads.

Maybe Ann deserves such luck because she’s such a generous person. She gave me some of the beads she had won, including some green glass ones that went beautifully with the Russian Jasper beads I had bought while we were there. The photo shows how I combined them with a fine silver "lentil" bead. Thanks, Ann!

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