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Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/06/05

Though you may have seen one of the small electric kilns used by metal clay artists, you may never have seen the guts of the “digital controller” that’s behind the black faceplate. Here’s one example:

Even if you’ve seen one, have you ever seen a whole collection of them? I now have!

Are you wondering why I happen to have some just sitting in a row like that?

Well, I’m wondering why and none of these led my kiln to work correctly!

The middle one won’t even turn on. The other two (from different batches) won’t hold the kiln at anything even near the set temperature for the required time.

Somehow, I thought that moving from computer visualization into art jewelry would mean I wouldn’t have to spend time writing bug reports any more. Silly me! At least, I know how to make a bug report, so the tech support folks working with me on this are likely to believe I do know how to set up and use the controllers. But I really had not allocated any time for this sort of thing, and what’s happening is that work on my website, and writing on this blog, are getting shoved aside on the schedule once again.

More on this shortly. But I figured I should explain why I’ve been so quiet lately…

4 Responses to “Kiln-controllers.”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Hey Carol, I’ve seen one of those up close. Even know how to install it. Damn! We shouldn’t have to do this.


  2. Sally O said

    I hope you are having fun at the 3 Rivers Arts Festival!


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