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Let the rains begin!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/06/07

Of course we should expect rain: the Three Rivers Arts Festival began on Friday, June 4th. This is the fifty-first such event.

You can find some of my fine silver jewelry at the KoolKat Booth, on Gallery Row, in Gateway Plaza by the fountain, in spaces 83-84.

Did you know: The three Galleries are the only booths that will be in the Artists Market for the entire length of the Festival? Individual artists can be there for either three days or five. Three-day booths are down by the Point, for one Friday-Saturday-Sunday stint. Five-day booths are up in the plaza, either the first Friday through Tuesday, or the second Wednesday through Sunday. (For a variety of behind-the-scenes reasons, there may be a few exceptions to those rules, but that’s how it works in general.) So you should try to get to the Market at least twice! And leave yourself time to see the various exhibits too, and listen to some of the wonderful live music.

And, of course, expect it to rain. It always does, for this Arts Festival. I was expecting rain, when I helped work at the booth on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I was not, however, expecting the blustery storm on Friday night. (I hear it was even worse on Saturday!) Clearly, Kate hadn’t expected it to get quite that bad either, when she planned the booth. (This was the first time KoolKat has ever participated in this market.) Lovely pottery blew off tables onto the Plaza’s concrete floor of our booth. The pottery had been sitting on gorgeous handmade wooden tables whose legs were suddenly standing in several inches of water. (That fix was easy, if less than elegant: the legs acquired several layers of "stockings" of the shop’s plastic bags….) The humans who found themselves standing in three inches of water, on the other hand, just bore their misfortune together in rain-can’t-defeat-us solidarity.

The tornado-warning winds blew rainwater into the jewelry display cases. In general, the pieces themselves could withstand that onslaught, though the inks on many of the tags and a lot of the information about individual artists in the cases became smeared into watery rivulets. Artists’ business cards and display information were simply gone, but I was able to spend some time retagging most of the pieces themselves from information on the inventory sheets that had remained dry, tucked away in the back of the booth. Karen and I also spent time covering the leaky display-case joints with clear packaging tape.

Still, if I had to be in a festival cloudburst, the booth was a good place to be. We were under a tent, not out in the park. No one was injured. And we all learned some lessons that we’ll be able to work around for future shows. So, from the perspective of learning, can we say it was several hours well spent?

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