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Bridgeville Days!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/06/19

I went down to Bridgeville (again) today. Trish and crew at Zelda’s Beadkit Company were celebrating Bridgeville Days by offering several different "Make & Take" options.

Trish had her usual stash of "kids beads" so that eager youngsters could string their own pretty treats.

Philadelphia-based wire-artist Gina offered several delightful earring and pendant designs. (The photo shows Cherie’s daughter, who quickly mastered the pendants.)

I offered custom decorative head-pins, made by attaching a design in metal clay to fine silver wire.

Darlene and Mike stopped by when I happened to have my camera out. Darlene caught onto the wire working project right away, making a complex and lovely pendant.

Mike picked up the pendants he’d made in my toggle clasp class on Wednesday. (No, no typos in that: I’ll comment more in a moment…) He bought some wire to follow the instructions in one of the magazines on display and, using a mix of tools Trish keeps at the shop plus ones Gina and I had brought, proceeded to make a variation on that. So, though I only met him a few days ago, I do have the impression that Mike follows his own mind. A nice mind, full of creative ideas that produce good results, but definitely his own.

But it’s a good photo: Everyone there is happy.


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