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Gosh, it’s hot.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/07/07

Several days of this already, and more predicted to come. Heat index in triple digits, actual daytime temperatures well into the 90s, and barely dropping into the 70s over night.

This heat and humidity remind me of South Florida, where I grew up. And from which I left, one August many years ago. And, though I went back regularly to visit while my folks were still there, I didn’t return during the summer.

Call me a wimp if you want, but I simply cannot comprehend the thought of working with metal clay until things cool off a bit. Even though I normally move a kiln outside to fire it, at the moment I just cannot form a thought that involves generating any more heat anywhere.

I’ve spent a bit of time cutting out little paper templates, trying to figure out the mechanics of a few new designs. That’s as close as I can get, however, until the temperature breaks. Which is predicted for a few days. Loooonnnggg days. More here then!

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