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Guild Chapters: Display Cases

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/08/04

Three of us from the Western PA area (Debbie, Donna, and me) went to this 2010 conference. One of the first things we did (before & during the registration hours) was to set up a display showcasing the work of some members of our local chapter.

In addition to the three of us, we had entries from Alice, Ann, Holly, and Stephania. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! We had the first case as you entered the hallway, and Debbie and I commented on how it seemed that, every time we came through the door or down the stairs, there were a few people clustered around our display, pointing and talking about the contents.

I will admit that I really wish more of our members (there are over 60 people in our Yahoo group, for example) would have chosen to have their work included. We see such beautiful creations passed around during the Show and Tell sessions at our meetings. I would argue that every one of those pieces is at least as good as those in some of the other displays.

Some groups had, for example, items that were clearly from introductory classes, or were the set pieces from certification classes. And that’s fine: everyone was a “beginner” when they started out! And there are rising stars across the world now too, but there is no reason that the local “displays” should be devoted to those people only (the ones whose works makes it into journal articles and museum or gallery shows and thus have a variety of ways to have their work seen by others). I’m happy to have such pieces in our display, but this is a wonderful opportunity to mix those in with other creations.

What I saw as the “strength” of many of the displays (including ours, despite my comments above) is the way they seemed to illustrate collegiality among makers at all levels. I’ve no idea what the metal clay community may be like decades into the future but now, at just over one decade old, it still appears to be populated by a number of very open and helpful people. I hope that spirit lasts.

I did have some trouble getting decent photos of the display case contents: the fingerprint-covered glass doors and hallway activity and somewhat harsh lighting did not make it easy. I doubt I’ll post here (m)any of the shots I did try to take this year, though I will try to figure out how to get some of them to an upcoming meeting, at least, for my chapter-mates to see. In the meantime, if you want to see some samples, the PMC Guild has posted a few samples from the 2008 conference; if they update that site with 2010 photos, I’ll note that in a future post.


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