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PMC Conference: The Program of Events

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/08/13

Just a quick note: if you’re waiting for me to do one of my long write-ups on the program sessions themselves, well, I wasn’t really planning to do all that too. Sorry!

Members of our local group (Western Pennsylvania & surrounding areas of OH and WV) can talk with Debbie, Donna and me at our meeting this Saturday. And anyone (local crew or otherwise) for the moment at least can still find some info about what-all was planned via the conference website:

An outline of this year’s full schedule can be downloaded here:

Handouts from a number of the sessions (though not all…) for the event this year (and others back through the years too!) are available to all here:

The one thing that really wasn’t available online ahead of time (and does not appear to have been added since) was the list of presentations held in the Vendors Hall. That schedule included:

– Introducing Something New: PMC Pro — by Mitsubishi (offered several times)
– Using Linda Kaye-Moses Doming Plates — by Whole Lotta Whimsy
– Fabrication with Copper Club Concepts — by Karen Hamilton / naturescapes studio
– Rivets and Gromets — by Chris Darway / Metal Clay Findings
– Wire Braiding & PMC — by Sharon Gillespie / Collage Studio
– Making Flower Forms Using Templates — Mary Ann & Ken Devos
– Alloying Silver & Copper Clays — Mary Ellin D’Agostino
– Masks & Faces Using Drape Molds — Lisel Crowley
– New Armature Materials for Hollow Forms — Mary Ann & Ken Devos
– BRONZclay — Yvonne Padilla / Rio Grande
– HattieS Products — Hattie Sanderson / Metal Clay Supply
– Quickart Templates – Judy Weers / Metal Clay Findings
– Syringe Mastery — Linda Stiles / naturescapes studio
– Rivets — Sherry Haab / Metal Clay Findings

(Links were not provided for those but there should be enough info that you can try searching for the contact people / topics if you want more info.)

The whole event was just so jam-packed full of information, and full of time for interacting with other metal clay enthusiasts, that it’d take way too long to report on it all. Just go next time and see for yourself!

I will, thus, start to wind down my conference-reporting. There should be one more post today that may be of particular interest to my fellow clayers in and around the ‘burgh (because it’ll have photos of one of ours). I still hope to post a photo of my base-metal-clays charm bracelet once it’s done. After that, I am praying for a break in the weather, so I can get back to making and to writing about that!

(But, if there’s anything else about the conference you’d like to know, feel free to leave a comment here…. If the weather remains so hot that I’m rehydrating clay via sweaty palms, and unable to even think of turning on a kiln or torch, I’ll appreciate suggestions for what to write about instead!)

2 Responses to “PMC Conference: The Program of Events”

  1. What a great blog! I’ll be back to read more 😉




    • C Scheftic said

      Thanks so much, Tonya. Coming from you, that compliment means a lot!

      I can’t imagine anyone landing on this blog, knowing even just a tiny bit about metal clay, and not knowing who Tonya is but … if any such surprise visitors should appear, do follow the links in the above comment to Tonya’s treasure-troves of resources!



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