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Well, now I’ve gone and done it.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/09/29

I signed the lease, paid first and last months’ rent, and received the keys. Then I got in my car, headed out to Ikea, picked up a few bookcases and a table (I’d wanted 3, but only 1 was in stock, so I’ll have to go back later…). Brought them back to the studio, hauled them up two flights of stairs (huff, puff, pant, etc.), and assembled them.

My friend Kathy was out of town and, thankfully, her husband Jeff was sort of at loose ends and agreed to help me this afternoon. The photo at the top of this post shows him beaming at what we managed to accomplish. Thanks, Jeff!

Cabinet doors and table legs do remain to be attached, but we quit when I’d reached the 8-hours mark for the day, which did not include our walk around the corner to D’s for a “happy hour” break, and to show Jeff their “beer cave” (where I snagged some raspberry cider) between the hauling and assembly.

As we were packing up to go get some dinner (my treat, of course!), I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful sunset colors out the window to the west.

3 Responses to “Well, now I’ve gone and done it.”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Scary, I know. But, you will love it. You’ll want to be there all the time. The studio is a good place to be on dreary days, getting all sorts of work done. (Although it’s 4:30, been here since 10:30 and haven’t gotten much done. One of those days.)
    Can’t wait to do some work in your new studio. Sorry I’m not able to help out with some physical work (given my parents situation) but I’m there in spirit to cheer you on.


    • C Scheftic said

      Thanks, Alice! You’re there in spirit more than you may realize: much like looking at someone else’s art–not as an exact model, but as inspiration for one’s own pieces–you and your great studio have offered me some real-life examples of (and motivation for) what I’m hoping to be able to do here myself.

      Let me know whenever you think you’ll be able to come down and spend a day or two or even three! And, in the meantime, my best wishes to your parents.


  2. Barbara said

    Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to see the Studio, maybe the convergent vibe will rub off on me and I can finish this required math course!


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