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More moving-in (Saturday).

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/10/02

Well, I’m still only part-way done, making slow but steady progress. Seven hours today and I have four doors on cabinets and one new table assembled (with only one medium-sized blister as a result), a couple tables from home and my three seven-drawer storage units moved over, plus several other loads of “stuff” hauled up the stairs (i.e., up the equivalent of about 3 flights at my house).

Some of the stuff is back in its drawers, or behind the doors of the bookcase-cabinets, or arrayed out on a temporary shelf or table location for the time being.

The community center offered me the use of the two rugs shown (in the image where I tried to quickly photo-merge several individual shots….). I’m a bit undecided about those: the hardwood floor is actually better for finding those inevitably dropped bits and pieces, but the rugs do help to reduce the hollow, echo-ey sound of the room. I may well end up leaving the one closer to the door, while rolling and unrolling t’other one based on what I’m doing. No need to decide now, however; that can wait until I get everything moved in.

But it’ll be a while before I get to that point. Though the cabinets are filling up (especially behind those newly-installed doors) there’s still lots to move (e.g., kilns, all my finishing tools (from tumbler to “liver of sulphur” set-up, to hammers and daps and dremel and more), the “bead stash,” plus chairs, lamps, etc.). And once it’s all in the room, I’ll be better able to figure out what should go where in this studio.

One Response to “More moving-in (Saturday).”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Looking good!


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