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A week and a half to first Open House.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/10/23

I’ve got a couple friends coming over to the studio-to-be next week, to help me “decorate” a bit. In preparation for that, today I hauled a bunch of framed posters and prints up all the stairs. They’re just stacked around here and there for now. With the high ceilings, I plan to hang them high, above the former chalkboard, and I’ll just wait until Jan (Tuesday) or Susan (Thursday) are there to haul a ladder up and tend to that.

In the meantime then, a small photo of three unfired white bronze pieces. [This post was edited on Tuesday with a slightly clearer photo than I’d used earlier.] I was using Hadar’s powdered product, where you just mix up as much as you think you’ll need at one sitting. The couple little flowers, and the handful of rings are just a few “components” that I made with the little extra I had left over after making the bigger items. You may have noticed that half of one of the little rings appears to be missing: that’s what I used on the back of the gingko stem to make its bail. (I’d first tried rolling a “snake” of clay but, even after I’d added lots of extra water, it was too stiff to use that way: I could bend it but it really wanted to crack way too much. The half-ring was my work-around.)

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