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Thanks, Susan!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/10/28

Yesterday, I found time to work on a number of silver pieces. Only one did I start new, from scratch, a design I’d been thinking about for a while. The rest were all from the stash: pieces I’d started at one time or another but had not finished. In most cases they were ones I’d simply started, hadn’t had time to finish, and had had to “put away” until I could get back to them. Now, with studio, I was able to do just that! They’re still sitting in greenware state: most ready to fire, a few still needing a bit more attention. Oh, how great to be able to just leave them there, awaiting those finishing touches, rather than forget about them stashed away in a closet. I’ll post some photos once they’ve been fired and finished.

On the other hand, I’m still spending plenty of time on “moving in” chores. My friend Susan came over today. (I’ve known Susan for a few years now. We met through Penn State’s Master Gardener program in this area.) We had tons of fabric-fun. Susan had been with me when I bought several remainder-bolts of fabric back when The Textile Studio was going out of business. I’d bought four more glass doors to install on my shelving units. Susan and I took some of the pale green bolts and lined those four new glass doors. Then we just draped more of it over a pair of curtain rods that Jan and I had hung two days ago. (Eventually, I’d like to stitch them up in proper drapery-style, but with my first open house scheduled for next week, I’m not taking time to do that too right now.)

Before we hung the glass-panel doors, however, it seemed particularly important to secure all the bookcases themselves against the walls. More up and down on the ladder! I have a couple bolts of blue fabric as well. At some point I’ll take down the four doors I’d installed earlier, and fit some of that into those….

After Susan left (to get ahead of rush hour traffic), I looked around and decided I wanted to finish a number of other chores that required the ladder. Hopefully, I’ll soon be done with that! I hung some plant hangers on the frames between some of the outside windows. I’ll get plants over there eventually but, for now, I’m just using them to hold a couple strands of holiday lights….

Before I left, I also hung some prints high up on the inside windows. I had six prints of various birds perched on a range of different flowering trees and bushes that I’d gotten when I visited China (back, ages ago now, it seems…). They came as a set, and I’d only ever gotten around to framing four of them. Susan noticed that they were of both a good size and aspect ratio to fit inside the frames of those windows. It was a bit tricky to get hangers safely into those frames, and then to string up the pictures themselves evenly, but I think they turned out nicely.

Let me know what you think. Also, if you think you can get to one of my open houses (on the evening of Nov 3 or the afternoon of Nov 20), let me know that too!

2 Responses to “Thanks, Susan!”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Looking really great Carol. It will be a nice place to work….. you won’t want to leave. I predict you’ll be spending lots of time there.
    Very cozy.


    • C Scheftic said

      Thanks, Alice! Yes, I’m already spending lots of time there … as my very-neglected garden will announce to anyone who’s passed by it this autumn. (I got home last night to find voicemail from a neighbor that started, “I think you may be out of town, but…”). I am having a great time.


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