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First Open House!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/11/03

OK, my studio is now officially “open”! It’s still far from “done” but it’s into shape enough that I’ll take a few weeks off from further “moving in” tasks so I can focus on “making” tasks. (And wait for Ikea to restock the long narrow tables I want for the central “classroom” area. The plastic table with green plastic tablecloth in the middle there is only a placeholder until those arrive….)

These snapshots give a clue of what it looked like for this evening’s Open House. Of course, when people were there, I was too busy talking to think to take photos, and I didn’t think to ask anyone else to snap any either. Oh well.

‘Twas a nice evening. Several guild-chapter members showed up, as did a couple of my neighbors who wanted to offer me some support. People who’d seen the WSCC newsletter took advantage of being able to come by to see what this metal clay stuff was all about before sending in money to register for any of my classes (which was the specific reason why I’d scheduled an event for tonight). Some folks who were just in the building for some other reason tonight stopped in to see what was going on. As I was almost ready to close up for the evening, who bounded in but a delightful woman I’d taken a class with the summer before last (and just happened to run into at the bead show last weekend).

I enjoyed the evening. Got a few people to sign up for classes, and sold several pieces. Maybe I will actually earn enough to pay for next month’s rent!!! Will I make enough to pay for all the silver, beads, wire, etc. too? Here’s hoping…

2 Responses to “First Open House!”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    So glad it went well for you Carol (and you’re on your way to paying the first month’s rent.) It usually works out. You’ll see. Your studio looks very inviting.


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