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Holiday Gift Shop Banner!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/11/24

The former Wilkins School has been a Community Center for over 30 years. (I think it’s 31, but I might be shorting it by a year or so.) And they’ve held a Holiday Gift Shop for a large part of that time (though I’m not sure of the exact count there either … in the last 30-some years I’ve lived a number of other places…).

(Thanks to Francine for the photo.)

This year, for the first time ever (at least, as far as I’m aware), there’s a banner across Braddock Avenue in Regent Square announcing the event. Here’s hoping it helps to bring in more shoppers (both because I hope this local center does well, in general, and because this year I’ll have pieces of my own for sale in the shop)!

For readers not from this area, I’ll mention that “Regent Square” is an interesting little community: it is a small business district surrounded by several blocks of houses (most 100-ish years old) on the edge of a large urban park. Within that little space are chunks of each of (in alphabetical order) Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Swissvale, and Wilkinsburg (each of which have separate business districts of their own, somewhere else, as well).

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