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What I learned from the latest tripped circuit.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/12/10

I was just too tired after the WPaPMC meeting in my studio Wednesday night to do much clean-up. Alice W and Carol D were staying over at my house, and we did simply haul out the trash and such, but that was about it.

I was running all over the county on Thursday, so I didn’t make it back to the studio then. Today, I did get over, and the first thing I chose to do was to vacuum the carpets and wood floors pretty thoroughly. And for some reason that tripped the circuit breaker.

I had overhead lights on, small FM radio on, and the vacuum. Furnace was running, but apparently on a different circuit. Power went out: vacuum stopped, overhead lights went out, and radio switched over to run on its own battery power. At least, this time (unlike what happened last month) I knew where to go to reset it. And this time, with mid-afternoon sunlight in the hallway, I read the labels on the various circuits, clearly left over from 30-some years ago when this was an actual school.

The switch for my room was labelled “Library.” Which actually makes sense, given the size and “feel” of the room, which never had seemed right for a classroom. I really like the thought that I’m now working in what had been the (small, primary school) library!

One Response to “What I learned from the latest tripped circuit.”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    What is it about studios in old buildings? I can’t run my heater and microwave at the same time and I definitely can’t run the kiln and either one of those. I too have learned where to go to put everything back in order. Thank goodness the flip of a switch makes everything right.


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