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Come Home, Little Pendant, Please…

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/12/15

I entered pieces for sale in several special Holiday sales events and was, overall, very pleased with how many of them went off to new homes.

Except for what happened to this one which, though rather simple, was kind of special to me because it’s one I made the first time I ever visited the wonderful, then-new studio of my friend Alice.

It wasn’t sold. (I even saw it on the table less than an hour before the show closed.)

The next day, it was checked off as still being in inventory when the organizers totaled up sales. But it was not with the rest of my work when I went to retrieve the remaining items.

I’m guessing / hoping that some other artist just picked it up with the rest of their pieces by mistake. It should have a tag on in with my name and contact information. I’m hoping whoever has it will find & return it.

2 Responses to “Come Home, Little Pendant, Please…”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    I hope you find it Carol. I know what it’s like to having a missing piece, but I’m pretty sure mine was stolen (along with a little display piece.) Hope yours was just an error and will get returned. Good Luck!


    • C Scheftic said

      Thanks, Alice.

      Having a piece go missing during a show is just a part of “retail risk,” sad to say. Having one go after post-show inventory, however, is what led me to post this one.


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