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Two more tables, at last.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/12/20

At last, I got the two other tables I’d planned to put in the studio (though I still need to earn some more so I can add better chairs!) but I’m really torn over which way they should face.

Aesthetically, I’ve always thought they should go lengthwise, down the middle of the room. That corresponds to the shape of the room, but it also means I could sit “sideways” and see both out the window to the outside, and out the doorway into the hall, rather than having my back to one or the other of those.

The advantage to crosswise, however, is entirely practical: I can put the “small” ends right up against the wall, where the electrical outlets are, and run cords safely under the table, plus there’s less “conflict” between chairs and where the rugs meet.

For now, I just set it up with one going each direction. I figure I can try each for a week or so, and then decide…. Or, maybe I’ll end up rotating them between positions, lengthwise for when I’m working there on my own, and crosswise for classes?

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