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On taking a little break (ha!)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/01/20

For a whole lot of reasons, not worth going into, I have been going “at full tilt” since the start of the year.

I mean, I was busy back last year as well. In addition to all the usual “holiday season” and “year end” activities, there were the extra “sales opportunities” that took up time both in and of themselves, as well as all the extra time preparing pieces to enter in them. And, as regular readers of this blog will already know, it’s not that I simply procrastinated. I decided to enter a few extra shows only after I’d taken on the rental of the new studio, and then I was hustling to work on both the studio set-up and making more pieces to sell to help cover the rent… Whew! I still run out of breath just remembering that push.

So I pushed a number of other things off until the New Year. And just kept going. And I mean going. Most days started at 8 am and ran until 2 am. It was a hectic pace. But I knew that, within about three weeks, I had a four-day stretch with almost nothing planned, and the very few things for those days were fun and easy.

So, what happened to my four-day stretch? I spent it in bed. Not, however, a four-day vacation spent taking things easy. No, four days lost being sick. Sicker than I have felt in I-forget-how-many years! Saying it was a cold and cough and fever and sinus and splotchy tonsils and chills and itchy eyes and … simply does not do it justice.

Finally feeling a bit on the mend (not over it all yet, but at last feeling like this siege really will end), I insert this note (back) in the space for when I first got knocked out, and will follow it with a few other posts I would have made had I been able at the time….

2 Responses to “On taking a little break (ha!)”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Sorry you were sick. I know how you feel, as I had it last fall. Not fun. Hope you feel make to normal soon! (Too much to do to be sick!)


    • C Scheftic said

      “Too much to do” sure is right! I didn’t make it over to studio for regular Tuesday hours this week, but really want to get back soon.

      I have a couple little bits to finish off that should be easy (famous last words!) but the big deal is a design-in-my-head that I really need to have turned into reality this week. Before I got sick, I’d said I’d bring a fired piece made from Art Clay silver to our PMC Guild chapter-meeting on Saturday, to use as my test-piece to be embellished with the new Rose Gold clay. Should work fine with it (fired clay is fine silver, after all, regardless of brand!), but that way Michelle can actually say her product has been tested with ACS. But if I’m going to spend my money on the rose gold clay, I sure feel like I should put it on a piece that’s worthy of the gold price, if you know what I mean.

      Now, I don’t know about you, but pieces I make when I’m not under time-pressure rarely cause problems, while those with a deadline….

      I’ll keep you posted.


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