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Who, Me? runs until February 26.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/02/09

I meant to take some pictures at the opening of the Who, Me? show at Sweetwater, then forgot to take my camera. So the photo with this post is another one of GrayC, taken last week when I stopped by to visit her (and her humans, who cooked up a great dinner) when I dropped off Moon ‘n At for the exhibition. Oh well, just scroll back for my earlier post about the show and my entry.

On opening night (5th), after a great dinner at Little Athens in Sewickley with Jeff, Lyn, Kathy, and Jack, we headed over to the opening.

There were 25 pieces on display. It looked like 20 were by women, and 5 by men. Does that mean women are that much more reflective / introspective / what? than men? (Not that I expected men to dominate the show either. The 4:1 ratio itself, much more than the direction, is what caught my eye. Not that I expected equal numbers, necessarily, just that the disparity was big enough to strike me.)

Twenty of the entries were, in one way or another, actual self-portraits. That is, if you lined up the artists and those portraits, I think it would be relatively easy to match up which was whose. (They were not necessarily mirror-images of the person, in the present time, but there was enough immediate visual information in some way to ease the matching without resorting to other less direct indicators.)

Once we got to counting, we noted also that, of the five that were the most abstract representations of the person, it looked like two were by men, and three were by women (including mine). But, due to the different counts overall, that means a full 40% of the men, but only 15% of the women, represented themselves more abstractly. Hmmm…?

But, really, the most important thing to count may be days-left to see the show. It’s free, and runs through Saturday, February 26. If you’re in the Western PA area, I hope you’ll help support the local arts community by checking it out, and spreading the word about Sweetwater in general. (If you’re reading this from elsewhere, the equivalent action is to find a good arts organization in your area to support, and add a comment about it here!) Thanks!

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