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Yes, it is a small world…

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/03/13

When I teach metal clay classes, regardless of which clay we will be using, I always make a point of reviewing a brief history of metal clay: The products first released in the USA were from Mitsubishi Industries (PMC) and Aida Chemical Industries (Art Clay), both of which are based are in Japan. Those two are still the primary sources of silver and gold clays.

Some newer metal clays have been developed and released from other companies, in the USA (where I live) and elsewhere. But all metal clay artists should remember that our field has deep roots in Japan and, in particular, in that country’s scientific community.

After the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan a few days ago, the latest word–at last–is that both metal clay teams (Aida and Mitsubishi) are safe, for the moment at least, as are their metal clay production facilities. This, of course, says nothing about their families, friends, and colleagues. Nor does it address the turmoil their country will undoubtedly face in trying to recover from recent events, both the original natural disaster, and the many man-made ones that are still unfolding upon that.

This post is just my small way of acknowledging their work, expressing my appreciation, and giving a small hint how much I want to wish them all well with what’s yet to come.


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