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Trying Art Clay Copper (Post #6 of ?)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/03/16

OK, it’s time to return to my saga of trying the copper clay from Art Clay (Aida Chemical Industries).

While I was contemplating what to do with the six little pieces from my first firing, I put the second load into the pickle pot. And this is what they looked like after, oh, well more than one hour but a bit less than two.

I did fiddle with them a bit more before I thought to take this photo. I gave them a good rinse, of course. I then sat there for a long while, with a dental pick, chipping away at the remaining firescale. You can sort of tell where I had some success. The pickle-finish areas are pale, while the pick-cleared are a slightly darker, redder color.

The pick worked better along lines than it did in indentations that were more round. Thus, though I’ll still need to clean up those areas (with more pickling? or what else?), you may note the clearer areas (whether light or reddish) in the hearts (upper left), wedding bells (upper right) and the single flower (right side, second from the top). The little black dots in the wedding bells and both the paisley-shape (left side, third from the top) and the fish (bottom right) would not budge; neither would the random shapes in the deeply-patterned textures (left side, second from the top and center, second from the top),

I was too tired, by that point, to even contemplate dental-picking the butterfly at the bottom. But this part of the exercise did confirm for me that I didn’t make an error in career-choice. I would not have been happy, as a dental hygenist, doing this all day. I’ve always admired people who did choose that, and this little episode sure has confirmed that feeling!

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