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Trying Art Clay Copper (Post #10 of … 10!)

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/03/23

As I’ve said, I’m getting a bit tired of writing about this little group of pieces, and I expect you’re getting tired of reading about them. So this is the last post I intend to write about them (unless something really surprising should happen to turn up later on).

But I need to end the story somehow, so I will finish up with a couple of snapshots as I’ve gotten around to doing more finishing of them.

I finally broke out the radial bristle disks from 3M, put a small stack on a mandrel, and fired up the Dremel tool with that. It removed more of the black crud than had any other tool … though still not all of it from all the pieces. That’s really where I would have started with my clean-up attempts, except I don’t remember anything else I’ve read about using the Art Clay Copper having mentioned that, so I was just doing what others recommended…. Next time (which may be a long while for this product…), I’ll start with these and see how that turns out.

I started with the yellow (80 grit) and worked my way through 120 and 220, ending up at 400 on these pieces. Then I did some hand-polishing, with micron-graded polishing papers. (Not so much because I thought going to finer-grit disks couldn’t do it, but because I was still trying to get a “feel” for how these clays end up.) On the little fish, I finished up a silicone polishing wheel instead, which seemed to turn out just as well.

Finally, on a few of them I added a bit of patina, and polished up the high points. I’m not sure how long the color will hold, or darken further or wear off, or change and turn green (“verdigris”), but I’ll just have to wait and see. And then decide whether to apply patina to more of them.

For now, however, I’m moving on. More on several new projects in the next few days.

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