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Passing 40….

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/04/09

Yikes … 40 …!

No: not the age of 40. No: not the speed limit. Yes: the price of silver.

I wasn’t paying attention to prices yesterday (busy day…) and missed it at the time, but silver crossed the $40-mark on Friday.

Then, apparently, investors convinced themselves that it really is going to keep rising, and they managed to drive the nominal price up to just a few pennies shy of $41 per ounce. (Speaking of pennies, all this is driving up the price of copper too … just not as much … yet.)

Yeah, I get the “economic theory” that drives investors to metals, and especially to “precious” metals. I just happen to think that many of the things that can be done with those materials should be even more precious. Why do “they” want to destroy the simple pleasure that can be drawn from small precious metal artwork and adornments? Why do the rest of us let them? What are the alternatives, for them and for us?

Why can’t “those people” go find something useful to invest in? Something practical? Something for the good of others too? Something that would benefit society? Something that would still be of benefit to them (yes, I understand that part) but something that doesn’t have to mean the detriment of others at the same time? Why is it you versus me?

Why can’t we revise the basic definition of good to mean only if it’s good for all?

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