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Another example of the “mokume gane effect”.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/06/02

The thing is, once I get started posting, it is hard to stop.

Shown is one more example of the “mokume gane” effect technique, a pair of earrings in copper and bronze.

I sort of felt I had to post another image from my (somewhat incomplete) selection, to give a better idea of the nice satin finish that’s possible on these pieces (and which, however, drives their price up because of the time–and tools and skill–it takes to achieve that).

The “effect” is visible on both sides, but these niobium earwires wanted me to decide on one side that would be the front (unlike the various ones I use with my silver pieces, that permit me to offer them as fully reversible). With these, however, choosing the front was easy: one can make these so that one pair of sides (but not, or at least not easily, both sides) are “mirror images” of each other.

So, even though these will be separated by the wearer’s face, meaning that the casual observer is unlikely to notice the “mirror” effect, at least the wearer can know…. It’s little “surprises,” like that, that make it so much fun for me to create these little adornments. They’re also going up for sale at the Three Rivers Arts Festival starting tomorrow.

(For those seeking out technical details, these were made using Hadar’s Quick Fire Copper and Quick Fire Bronze.)

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