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But severe storms on Tuesday….

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/06/07

I did not go down to the Three Rivers Arts Festival today to take any more photos, but thought I should add a quick note.

This morning started out miserably gray and dreary, with all sorts of weather-related alerts and warnings. After they had expired and the sky had begun to lighten up, well, that’s when the severe winds suddenly arrived, catching all sorts of people by surprise.

The photo with this post is of the Koolkat Designs booth as the Festival opened on Friday. I include it now, despite its looking like there are few people around, because this shot is the best view I have of the variety of items on various glass and wire shelves, in bins and rotating towers, hanging around the sides, etc.

Tonight’s local news reports included interviews with some artists who had each lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, displays, and booths. But here’s the news we got from Kate tonight about “our” booth:

After a very intense storm this afternoon that saw about 20 artist lose their booths, we are happy to report that all is well at the Koolkat booth. It took 4 people to hold down the fort but thanks to Beth and Leroy we are back in business with no damage. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for the rest of the week!


For what it’s worth, only the three “gallery” booths remain for the entire time. Any of the individual artists who were there today would have packed up and headed out tonight anyway, to make room for the next wave of artists coning to the market tomorrow. While that doesn’t help with damages incurred, in the “be thankful for small favors” department, at least this happened on their last day. Here’s wishing the best to everyone who made it through today, and to everyone else who will be opening a booth in the morning.

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