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Art All Night by the Numbers

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/07/01

OK, here we go at last, with the first of a couple of posts discussing and displaying this year’s Art All Night event (two months ago! yikes!! time sure does fly when you’re having fun!!!).

First of all, my entry (shown) was Steering a New Course. At the Three Rivers Arts Festival (June 3 – 12) I officially “introduced” my new copper and bronze pieces (some of which included little hints of steel as well), and I also have a few of those available at Portage Hill Gallery up near Lake Chautauqua. But Steering a New Course is the first such combo-piece I ever made and the first one I put up for sale anywhere, as my entry in Art All Night for 2011. Thanks so much to Alice B for entering the “winning bid” on this pendant: I hope you remain happy with your purchase!

Now, for a few statistics (sorry, the old math-teacher in me just can’t resist…). All of these came from the “about” page on the Art All Night website (and some of the “missing” info just isn’t there: sorry!):

  • 1998 debut: 101 entries, approximately 200 visitors.
  • 1999 repeat: over 200 entries, over 1100 visitors.
  • 2000 had more record numbers including over 300 entries.
  • By 2005, there were 868 entries and over 7,000 visitors.
  • In 2007, only 850 entries but still over 7,500 visitors.

The first one that I attended was, I think, in 2002 (though I might be off by 1 year either way?). I know I was still living in California at the time, was just in “the ‘burgh” on a visit for some reason or other, saw a little blurb about it somewhere, decided to go check it out, and was immediately hooked! I attended every one I could after that (i.e., every one for which I was in town, something for which I then did try to plan!).

The first one in which I actively participated was 2008, after I had moved to Pittsburgh. I’m sure of that year, because it was the spring that Donna Penoyer, Jan Durkin, and I “launched” the Western PA Chapter of the PMC Guild. Our first meeting wasn’t until May of that year, but I offered demos on the Saturday night of Art All Night so more people could see what metal clay was. That was actually the first time I’d done demos of metal clay in a truly “public” venue … and I did it at an event that drew over 10,000 people: Talk about jumping off at the deep end! Every year since then, I’ve both entered a piece (as an individual artist) and offered live demos (which I’ve since been able to organize in collaboration with other members of our local Guild chapter), and encouraged more friends and acquaintances to attend. And continued to have a great time every year!

  • In 2011, there were 1,240 entries, 40 on-site artists (where I’m pretty sure that either an individual or a group counted as “1”), and over 12,000 visitors!

Tentatively, the dates for 2012 are April 28-29. Mark your calendar: I sure hope to see you there!

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