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Ahhh, memory is a funny thing….

Posted by C Scheftic on 2011/07/02

This note fills a spot from July 2 that had had some information about the Metal Clay Demos that Donna Penoyer and I offered at Art All Night this year.

I’d been feeling frustrated as I tried to write the follow-up, because I was sure I had started writing something about that part of the evening, and just could not find any notes nor the draft. Only after I’d posted a relatively brief summary did I notice that the reason I couldn’t find the draft is because that’s the one complete item I had already posted in early May about that event. So go back and read that one, if you missed it. The rest of my report from this year is here, in early July…

Sigh. It’s really been one of “those” weeks….

One Response to “Ahhh, memory is a funny thing….”

  1. Alice Walkowski said

    Thank goodness. I thought my memory was playing tricks. I thought I’d already read that and seen the pictures! Phew, so I’m not crazy.


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