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Other Happenings at Art All Night This Year.

Posted by C Scheftic on 2012/05/03

My simple little review of the 2012 version of Art All Night opens with a photo (above) of the wall just inside the entrance to this year’s event. One of the interesting aspects of this particular location was figuring out what elements were just part of the site, and which were actual entries….

As I mentioned in my last post, the pieces that Alice and I entered were hung together. This shows the whole board on which our entries were placed. (The big blue arrow pointing to mine, with Alice’s below it, was “photoshopped in” by me afterwards, of course!)

Alice had taken a bit of a break to explore earlier than I had. I asked her where she’d found our entries, and she said they were together, and pointed me in a general direction. The thing she neglected to mention was that our little pieces were with a number of other larger and much easier to spot ones: under a row of lovely “nature” images, on the same board with the very large painting of a hook and eye, and right next to a drawing of Troy Polamalu … with all his famous hair. Great spot! Good company!

There wasn’t anywhere near as much jewelry as last year. In fact, one of the few others I noticed was a lovely beaded piece by the owner of a local bead shop. I didn’t get a close-up, because I wanted to capture more of that whole board too.

As ever, our local Etch-a-Sketch artist was there (and, at some point, I’ll actually manage to note where I can find it later his name….). Given the lighting in general (no complaint intended with that, just a comment on repurposing empty buildings for this event) and the peculiarities of capturing the dark-on-light-gray-behind-a-“glass” nature of the Etch-a-Sketch, I could not get a shot with enough light at a fast enough speed to do justice to the “I Love Lucy” collage. But it was another good one!

This year’s surprise theme seemed to involve machinery of various sorts. A number of those entries were placed together in one of the smaller rooms. In my mind, that was the “machinery hall” collection:

Alice managed to get a pretty good shot of the piece in that group called “She Metal” but the thing you can’t see from the still image is the way she shimmied and shook!

Though the “machinery hall” entries were, in some ways, more futuristic than this next item, I was certainly amused by the entry, “Gone But Not Forgotten” that was built from a number of “dated” devices. (If you can’t see enough detail on that, or any other of these images, please remember that a quick click on any of them should bring up a version that’s at least somewhat bigger…).

As with the “art jewelry,” there were also fewer “art guitars” this year too, but I could not resist including one of the few of those in that shot….

I really liked this octagonal painting, titled simply “Abstract.” Except, I wish it hadn’t been painted on canvas. I kept looking at it, thinking what I’d’ve preferred as a base: because for some reason I really wanted to use it as a table. Can you imagine sitting at a table like this, enjoying a good breakfast? I can! I think it would accentuate a sunny morning, and brighten up a dreary one: both good ways to start the day.

Much as I liked the Cactus Chair, however. I was not at all compelled to consider using it with the Abstract Octagon I wanted as a table. Even if it had still been a people chair, rather than being converted into a chair that would hold a flower pot.

Although the flower pot sitting next to it would have had much of its own artistry lost had it been inserted in the chair…. It really was better, sitting on its own, next to that.

Since I’ve started down the “nature” theme with the images I’m showing here, I’ll just move on to the “Gypsy Summer” panel.

And close with one of my favorite butterfly-images from this year, with the lovely title, “Spread Your Wings.”

That’s what Art All Night does: encourage an entire community to spread its wings, whether in the creation, admiration, purchase, or otherwise supporting of art.

I’ve got one other set of images to post from this year but (for reasons that will become clear when I get them up) it’s going to take me a while to get to those. In the meantime (or afterwards, if it takes a while before you stumble across this) you can always find out more about Art All Night through any of these:

And mark your calendar, once again, for the last weekend in April next year!

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