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We should all be this lucky!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2012/06/04

Have you ever taken a workshop using metal clay and, in the demonstration of how to roll out a textured design, been told to roll only in one direction (or, perhaps, start in the middle and roll out from there just once in each direction) … and then been warned that, with textures, to not roll multiple times, and to not roll back and forth?

Did you ever wonder why you were told that?

In a workshop I led on Saturday, one of the participants didn’t quite heed that warning for the element she was going to use on the back of her piece. And she found out the reason for the rule. Sort of. I say that because the “shadowing” you will get usually turns out looking rather messy. Rarely does it turn out looking this interesting:

Do you see all the parallel ridges? That’s the good effect you can get if it’s your lucky day! It is more likely to work well only with certain textures. And you have to multi-roll just right. So you should not count on getting this effect, but do take a moment to enjoy it when it does appear!


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