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2012 Sweetwater h*liday mART

Posted by C Scheftic on 2012/11/21

Last weekend I delivered 40 pieces (the jeweler’s limit…) to the Sweetwater Center for the Arts for their annual “h*liday mART”!

If you’re in SW Pennsylvania, you should know about Sweetwater or, if you don’t already, then do check it out! They’re “down the Ohio River” a ways from Pittsburgh itself, in Sewickley, in a delightful old post office building with lots of interesting architectural details, and they offer a great little program of shows, concerts, and classes covering a range of arts, crafts, music, food, and more.

If I actually lived closer, I’d be tempted to just camp out there. As it is, I went through two sets of tunnels and crossed two rivers and several small streams to get there. (That’s a sort of local joke about reality here, as in, “Jane won’t join us if we decide to meet there. She’d have to cross a river.” But what gets to me are the tunnels, not the tunnels themselves, but the way that traffic slows down for no reason approaching them, like drivers suddenly have to slow to a crawl until they see the light at the far end even if they’ve been driving through that same set of tunnels as long as they can remember….) But I digress….

In this case, it seemed worth the trek in order to have my art jewelry in the show. Sweetwater folks (staff & lots of volunteers) do the selling, and of course the center takes a commission, but it’s going to such a good cause that I’m happy to contribute to their efforts that way (and, hopefully, make a bit of money myself in the process!). This being the holiday season, there are a number of food-themed events (a champagne preview party on November 24 that I plan to attend, plus a holiday luncheon and even a “three-course meal prepared by the all-male volunteer-turned-gourmet chef team that has yet to receive a single complaint”). Click on either of the images with this post to be taken to their page with all the details.

The mART show itself is free to attend, as are the evening “Happy Hour” sessions. Oh, and you should let me know if you’d like a $5-off coupon for your shopping spree. It’s good on any purchase of $35 or more at the show (though of course I’d be thrilled if you should purchase something of mine…).


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