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2012 WSCC Holiday Gift Shop

Posted by C Scheftic on 2012/11/30

Earlier this week, I carried 30 pieces (the jeweler’s limit…) downstairs at the Wilkins School Community Center (aka WSCC, where my studio is located) for their annual Holiday Gift Shop (HGS). A much shorter trip than getting over to Sweetwater (whose show, which I mentioned recently, is still going on) but, once again, the commission WSCC will get from my sales is going to benefit another worthwhile organization.

I must say that I am so thankful that, this year, the Friday after Thanksgiving weekend and the First Friday in December are not the same day! For some reason, a number of groups / organizations with which I’m involved all try to “avoid the major holiday crunch” by scheduling major events for that one, super-crowded, day. So I am always torn between them! But, approximately one year out of seven (leap years do tend to confuse the pattern a bit), like this year, those two are not the same day. Whew! So I’m still waaaay to busy, but at least it seems somewhat more manageable. (In fact, I’m hoping to have both the time and the energy to get up and go orienteering on Saturday morning. In another lucky coincidence, that meet will involve less travel for me than any other I’ve ever attended: it’s actually within walking distance of my studio, not a two-hour drive away!) But I digress….

I mention that Friday-thing, in this context, because tonight from 7 to 9 pm is the Opening Night Party for WSCC’s HGS. In addition to several rooms full of a range of art and craft items, there will be food and drink and live entertainment, including the Steel City Ukeleles and Milton Street Carolers. By clicking on the announcement (upper, right) you can get information on the times it will be open each day from now through December 9.

If you’ve never been there before, the building photo (lower, left), taken in the spring, may give you a clue where you’re looking to end up. I’ll be in the building, off and on, throughout the show. If you see my overhead lights on (in the window over the front door) and don’t see me at the HGS, do come upstairs and say hello.

In addition to the pieces I’ll have in the HGS, I’ll also have my entire studio open myself next weekend, December 8 & 9, for a more extensive sale of my own precious metal and art jewelry items as part of the East End Art Buzz Tour. I’ll post a note about that in the next few days.

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