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This Sunday: Creative Marketplace in Verona

Posted by C Scheftic on 2013/05/04

Creative Marketplace FlyerA group of folks up the Allegheny River a bit from Pittsburgh itself have organized a new artists market that they are calling the “Creative Marketplace.” It will be held in Verona, PA, on the first Sunday of the month, May through September. Which means that the first one will be tomorrow!

The Western PA Chapter of the PMC Guild applied, as a group, and was accepted to be one of the 40 vendors at this event. Which means that our very first group show will be tomorrow too! A couple of our members, the most-seasoned show-vendors, were accepted to have their own individual booths. But, personally, I am really looking forward to being part of our group effort. Some of us have a bit of show experience, while a few of the members who will be joining us are hobbyists who have never sold any of their metal clay creations. While I hope that I am able to sell a few pieces (a girl’s gotta pay the monthly studio rent somehow….), I really hope that our “newbies” will also get the thrill of having their work admired, and actually bought, by a complete stranger. Yes, your friends and family have been telling you they like your work: you want then to say that no matter how they really feel. But it’s such a treat to get that recognition by someone who’s got no other reason to say so. I still feel delight and appreciation when someone chooses to buy one of my creations! I hope I never lose that.

If you’re in the area, and have a bit of time between 10 am and 4 pm on Sunday, I hope you’ll stop by. Do check out our Guild’s booth, but also take a look around at the other creative work being done in this area. Find a very special gift from a local artist for your mother (Mother’s Day is fast approaching!), for another family member or friend, or even for yourself, something you’d never be able to find an a big-box / chain store.

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