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Another Garden Interlude: North Park Demonstration Garden

Posted by C Scheftic on 2014/08/29

North Park Demonstration Garden I spent this afternoon up at the North Park (Allegheny County, PA) Demonstration Garden, another of the wonderful teaching-gardens maintained by the Penn State Master Gardeners of Allegheny County.

I took a couple panoramic series of photos of the garden and, later on, explored a couple of options for “stitching” the various images together. I still have not figured out how to get WordPress and GigaPan to talk nicely to each other, however, so I’m not embedding the full panorama here. Instead, I include a tiny “snapshot” from it: just click on the image to the right here and you’ll be taken to a different site so you can see one of them. (Alternatively, here are links to: a full 360 image, from near the war memorial cannon, and a little less than a half-circle, facing the other direction.) At the GigaPan site, be sure to play with some of the options for zooming in and exploring the images! I wish I had more time to “play around” with more of that kind of photography. (And, of course, money for a much better camera…)

I’m still hoping to get down to South Park Demonstration Garden, to GigaPan that one. I’m just not sure if/when I’ll manage that though, at least not this season. If I think I’m only going to get one shot at a garden in a season, I do like to wait until it’s in full glory, and that seems to be when my schedule starts getting crunched again.

Among other things, I’ve got the Public Reception at The Confluence in New Castle next Friday, September 5 (5-7 pm), and the Public Field Day at the Edible Teaching Garden on Saturday, September 13 (12N – 2 pm). It sure would be great to see some local readers of this blog at one or both of those events!

2 Responses to “Another Garden Interlude: North Park Demonstration Garden”

  1. That camera is amazing. Nice picture. Fun to scroll my way around.


    • C Scheftic said

      Thanks, Alice! I’m glad to hear you had fun playing with the image online!

      I just used a little Canon Power Shot (point & shoot) camera. Nothing fancy there…

      What does make it special is putting it on the little “gigapan robot” and programming that to take 468 individual shots (39 columns by 12 rows). In the end, I liked it better once I’d cut off the bottom 3 rows (which cut off only the camera shadow and some hose connections). I then shifted what would become the “center” and used gigapan’s software to “stitch” the remaining 351 images into the larger of the two options from that garden. The smallest version, facing down the long aisle straight towards the war memorial cannon, was from a second round of photographs, comprised of a mere 13 columns by 4 rows, only 52 images.

      But it’s the 360° ones that I find the most interesting as an exercise in spatial orientation, visual perspective, etc. On my computer, I can see it truly from “inside” the circle I’ve shot around my camera. It took me a while to get a decent grip on what that looks like once it’s flattened out in the uploaded images. I’ve been posting several versions, at times, to remind me for the next round.


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