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What a great surprise!

Posted by C Scheftic on 2019/05/08

This is just a quick “Thank You!” to the Cranberry Artists Network (CAN) and Artist and Craftsman (sic) Supply (A&C) in Pittsburgh.

A&C was the “presenter” at the semi-annual CAN membership meeting this month. Instead of a presentation, however, two folks from A&C spread out a wide range of paints, brushes, and papers across a line of tables, just encouraged participants to try them out, and were happy to discuss the results and suggest other things to try. There was technical information too if you wanted it, but mostly it was just a chance to explore and play for yourself!

They also provided us a with small sample-size tube or jar of a few items we were most curious about. I left with two different texturing media I’d never tried before. Well, to be honest here, I work mostly in 3D. I’ve done much less painting, so there are a lot of things I haven’t (yet) tried! But I love samples because, obviously, they give me a chance to explore a little bit in order to decide if I like that product enough to spend my own money on a full-size supply. Thus the evening ended quite happily.

There’d been a bit of confusion about the time of CAN’s meeting. I arrived for the earlier time, and enjoyed the chance to mingle with others who did the same. But that meant I’d thought it would end sooner, and had said that I could stop at a friend’s house to offer a quick extra hand on a little project there. So I had to leave a bit before the end. I said to the A&C folks that, should I happen to win the door prize, please don’t leave it with anyone in Cranberry (30 miles away) because I could easily stop by their store (where I do shop: it’s maybe 3 miles from my studio, at a corner I pass regularly). But it was just an off-hand remark, because I really did not expect to win.

But I did win it! What a great collection! Thank you so much!

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