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Phipps Conservatory: Textures and Designs

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/08/24

Well, the weather has gotten much more “reasonable” lately, but now I have a number of other things on my calendar, so I still haven’t had a chance to make any more jewelry lately.

But it’s not as though I haven’t been thinking about it when I have a few spare moments. I went to Phipps Conservatory on Saturday and, in addition to the blooms and butterflies, and the special exhibit items of gargoyles and grotesques, I found myself thinking of jewelry textures as we strolled past the multi-layered Torch Ginger and the intricately-twisted Fig.

I have a few thoughts on how I might incorporate those designs into future pieces. I’m a little less certain of how I might interpret the whitewashed conservatory windows. Despite that, I liked the look of them, so I include a photo. And your suggestions are welcome!

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Weaving a Saddle Shape

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/03/10

But of course, I’m easily distracted from the earring challenge. The Bead Mercantile show came to town last weekend. As I approached the Talisman booth, my attention was immediately captured by these beads:

I cried out “Ooooh!” as I grabbed a strand of them. Several friends from the Western PA Chapter of the PMC Guild were there too, and they commented that the beads were interesting. But none of them said it with the sort of enthusiasm that I clearly felt.

For me, that is, it wasn’t just the beads. Yes, I like them, but the exclamation was because I knew I was going to leave the show and go figure out how to make a piece like this from metal clay:

At this point, they don’t quite go together. I like the shiny silver (a bit more muted in the photo than in reality), but the pendant needs a bit of a patina if it’s going to be strung with those particular beads. I just figure that I’ll wear it like this for a few days, to see what kind of reactions I get to it as a solo piece, while I give a bit of thought to how I might modify the construction process I devised so that making a whole series like this might be reduced to a reasonable amount of effort.

Once I’ve had a chance to make several more, then I’ll figure out which one(s) to patina and string with the beads that inspired them, and which to just hang on good chains all by themselves. Some final results should appear on this ‘blog eventually!

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Winter Textures

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/02/16

One of the things I like about working with metal clay involves the textures you can work into your designs.

I’ve always liked textures of various sorts, for both their look and their feel. Not just in jewelry and artwork, but also for my garden, on clothing, in food … the list could get rather large. I’ll leave that for another time, though; for now, my point is this:

Tree Bark - Facing Uphill

A friend and I went hiking in a local forest over the weekend. Mid-winter, there was lots of snow on the ground and few leaves still holding onto the trees. Which drew my attention even more than usual to the textures on tree trunks.

I kept stopping to look around and around, noting even the differences from one side to another on a single tree.

Tree Bark and More - Facing Downhill

I have no clue how or when any part of that look may crop up in my adornments. But those (phone-camera) shots did seem worth including in this online notebook.

What do you think of these images? Feel free to leave a comment!

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