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Approaching 27 as I write this….

Posted by C Scheftic on 2010/11/05

Yes … $27!…

So I thought maybe I could quit commenting on the price of silver for a little while. Have I mentioned that I seem to lead a rich fantasy-life?

The last time I commented on this, a month ago tomorrow, the price of silver had risen to a nominal price of $23/troy ounce. In the past month, it’s mostly fluctuated up and down between $23 and $24, but I had enough else going on that such bouncing didn’t seem to require a comment.

But the last three days, well, that’s another story. Today the price started bouncing up around $27/troy ounce: silver has had a three dollar increase in a mere three days!

Was it the election, or the “monetary easing,” or what? Call me naive (and, yes, I do actually understand enough basic economic theory to know why this next statement is yet more fantasy) but I just wish that “investors” would go find something else to play around with amongst themselves, and stop messing with real products that real people use. Having fouled up the housing market, can’t they please keep their grubby hands out of the metals market and more?!

I need to order the materials for the classes I have coming up, and I really don’t want people (especially the “new” participants via my new studio) to think I’m gouging them with the “materials fee” … which will come to waaaay more than what I make for my actual teaching (that is, for my own expertise). Sigh.

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